Loan Information

Kingdom Community Bank offers low cost, unsecured personal loans which are available for just about any purpose – a new car, a holiday, Christmas, a new washing machine, repairs or home improvements.
We charge no set up fees, no repayment penalties and there are no hidden costs.  There are several loan options available as detailed below.

Our Commitment to Affordable Credit

As your local member owned Community Bank, we are passionate about helping people in Fife. We believe in the deliverance of a Fairer Fife as defined by the Fairer Fife commission, ” a Fife where all residents have the capability to live good lives, makes choices and reach their full potential and where all children are safe, happy and healthy”. We do our bit by offering affordable credit. Our loans are very affordable – we don’t want people to use Everyday Loans, Quick Quid, Provident, or other high cost lenders such as Loans At Home and we definitely don’t want people going to weekly rent to own companies such as Brighthouse when they can come to us and get a cheaper loan. Whatever your circumstances, and even if you have received quotes from other lenders, please consider coming to us. Simply check out the figures on our loan calculator below, then contact us to apply!
Loan Calculator
Fairer Fife Commission

Even if you’re on a low income or receiving benefits, you can still apply for a Kingdom Handy Loan.  You don’t even need to be a member!  You can join when you apply for your loan.approved

Which is the right loan for you?

 Personal Unsecured Loan £5001-£12000 (7.5% APR.)

This loan can be paid back over up to 60 months and has our lowest interest rate for our personal Unsecured Loans. Borrowing £12000 over 60 months would be payable at £238.81 p/m.

Personal Unsecured Loan £1501-£5000 (12.7% APR.)

Are you looking for that once in a lifetime family holiday? If so, this might be the loan for you. This loan can be taken over up to 60 months (5 years).

Personal Unsecured Loan £501-£1500 (34.5% APR.)

This is the loan for anyone wishing to borrow between £501 and £1500. This loan can be taken over anything up to 24 months. Borrowing £1000 over 24 months would be payable at £55.96 per month plus £5 to your savings.

Personal Unsecured Loan £100-£500 (42.6% APR.)

If you are looking to borrow between £100 and £500, Kingdom Community Bank can offer loans at 42.6% over up to 12 months. Borrowing £250 over 12 months would be payable at £25.14 per month plus £5 to your savings. The total interest for this loan would be £51.62.

Payroll Unsecured Loans

We also offer several different loans for people who work for one of the following agencies:-Fife Council, Marine Harvest(MOWI), James Donaldson Timber Ltd, Paywizard, Fife Gingerbread. For more information please contact a member of staff on 01592 714888.em>
Please contact us on 01592 714888 / 758596 for examples of how much you may be able to borrow or use our loan calculator.
  • Loans include Member death benefit at no extra cost.
  • We assess your ability to borrow (and repay) a loan on your current situation rather than your credit history, but please note that larger loan applications will include a credit check which is standard practice.