Saving Products


First, join Kingdom Community Bank. It takes just a few minutes at either of our main branches at Main Street, Methilhill, KY8 2DP or 15 Lyon Way, Kingdom Centre, Glenrothes, KY7 5NN Or you can visit any of our collection points.

How do I withdraw my savings?

pigTo withdraw your savings in cash, simply visit either of our main branches in Methilhill or Glenrothes, please note that for amounts over £1,000 you should let us know the day before. If necessary, larger amounts can be transferred by faster payment directly to your bank account and we don’t need any prior notice for this. If you are unable to make it to either of the main branches to collect cash, you can phone us to request a bank transfer which will be done immediately once we have checked your identity.

If you have opted to pay your benefits into your savings account and you don’t have a bank account to set up a regular transfer, why not ask about our prepaid Mastercard.

Will my savings be secure?

Absolutely. Through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, member’s savings up to £75,000 are 100% protected, the same as any other Bank, Building Society or approved financial institution. As our maximum savings limit is £15,000 this means all of your savings will be secure.

Come and talk to us

For more information on saving with Kingdom Community Bank, pop into either of our main branches, visit any of our collection points or phone us on 01592 714888 / 758596.