Welcome to an ethical bank that helps you to save, budget and access affordable credit

Owned by people wholive or workin Fife

Access loans which areaffordablefor your circumstances

Your local community bank

Kingdom Community Bank is a credit union. We are a local not-for-profit financial co-operative owned and controlled by our members.

Our mission is to promote the financial wellbeing of people living or working in Fife.

We aim to encourage good money management, saving and the responsible use of credit.

Fully ethical

We are entirely backed by local members and don't invest in unethical stocks or shares. Local people helping local people.

Fair and Friendly

We're small enough to know most of our members and big enough to offer low cost loans and excellent service.

100% Safe

Your money is fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme - exactly the same as mainstream banks.

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Our Services

We provide a range of services to our thousands of members.
To be eligible to join you need to live or work in Fife.

Financial Harm

We want to help to protect our members from financial harm, including fraud. Please take a few minutes to read about Take Five, a UK-wide campaign to reduce the risk of fraud.