About Kingdom Community Bank

Kingdom Community Bank is a credit union - a community-owned financial co-operative that helps people in Fife to save and borrow.

We promote saving, budgeting and good financial management. We also provide affordable loans, at interest rates that are much lower than payday lenders and other high cost lenders that advertise on TV and social media.

We are a fully regulated financial firm - professionally run and supervised by the FCA and PRA, with extensive external and internal audit requirements. All savings with us are fully guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the same government-backed scheme that protects savings in high street banks.

We are an ethical, responsible lender - we are required by law to support our members and avoid causing them any financial harm, for example by lending if they cannot reasonably afford to repay it. Uniquely, when you repay a loan to a credit union, you also set aside savings. So, when your loan is repaid, you automatically have savings that you can access.

Kingdom Community Bank is a viable alternative to mainstream banks for basic financial products.

Importantly, we are member owned and member led - no private shareholders, with all profits returned to members, the community or to invest in the services of the credit union.

If you live or work in Fife, you could apply to join now - it only takes a few minutes and can be done online.