Help with Household Costs

We are committed to supporting our Members at all times. It becomes even more important when we face unprecedented changes that put pressure on many households with the ever-increasing cost of living and other challenges.

However, as a responsible lender, we are unable to lend to people who cannot routintely pay household bills. Offering a loan in such circumstances may provide a very short-term solution for some of those bills, but you'd be unable to repay the loan and fall further behind - reducing the likelihood of being able to borrow in future.

Below, we provide some suggestions for things to try and experts to speak to in order to seek support to reduce household bills, manage your money and any debt you already have.

Household Energy Bills
If you are struggling to pay for gas or electricity, you can contact your provider. If you are in debt, most suppliers provide grants to help you pay off energy debt:
• British Gas Energy Support Fund - apply for a grant on the British Gas Energy Trust website
• Scottish Power Hardship Fund - apply for a grant on the Scottish Power Hardship Fund website
• Ovo Energy Fund - apply for a grant on the Ovo Energy Fund website
• E.ON Energy Fund - apply for a grant on the E.ON Energy Fund website
• E.ON Next Energy Fund - apply for a grant on the E.ON Next Energy Fund website
• EDF Energy Customer Support Fund - sign up to the priority services register to apply for a grant on the EDF Energy website
• Bulb Energy Fund - apply for a grant on the Bulb Energy Fund website
• Octopus 'Octo Assist Fund' - apply for a grant on the Octopus website

If your energy supplier won't give you a grant, you may be able to apply to the British Gas Energy Trust (you don't have to be a British Gas customer to apply).

Reducing Energy Usage
Cosy Kingdom - a partnership between local charities to help provide energy usage advice for anybody living in Fife

Independent Advice on Saving Money
Money Saving Expert - Martin Lewis has a strong reputation for helping consumers to save money on a wide range of products and services in the UK, you can sign up for a free weekly bulletin of savings and tips, as well as access guides and information a range of topics

Access to Food and Foodbanks
Foodbanks and Access to Food in Fife - this Fife Council page lists foodbanks, community fridges, pantries and more

Debt and Money Advice
CARF (Citizens Advice and Rights Fife) - has a team of specialist debt advisors that can support residents of Fife to manage their debt
Money Advice Scotland - is Scotland's money charity and can help people in debt
StepChange Scotland - the UK's StepChange Debt Charity has advisors in Scotland that can help Scottish clients
National Debtline - a UK charity that covers Scotland (the website can be switched to Scottish content using the icon of the Saltire at the top right hand corner of the screen)

Do you have any suggestions for resources that could be added to this page? Please e-mail us and we'll consider adding it to the page. Thank you.