Interest and Dividends

We think being a joint-owner (shareholder) in your local credit union is a great thing - we're locally owned, here to help those who live and work in Fife, support the communities of Fife, promote saving and financial literacy and provide access low cost affordable loans when needed.

As a reward for savers, we pay interest and dividends to Members when we make a profit. Absolutely no profit we make goes in bonus payments or to outside investors - every penny goes to Members or reinvested in the credit union to develop our services for Members.

All adult Members (aged 18 and above) are shareholders and so don't get interest but get a dividend. All Junior Savers are not full Members and not entitled to dividends, but we do pay interest on savings balances.

The dividend and interest amounts are determined by Members themselves, and voted upon at our AGM. What we do with your money, how we spend it, invest it, the profit we make, what we do with profits - all of this is information that our Members are entitled to. We're committed to being fair and ethical and exist to benefit our Members - people who live and work in Fife.