Saving with Kingdom Community Bank

Saving is at the heart of credit unions like KCB. We want to see everybody in our community saving money and being more financially resilient. If you have savings, things are easier and better. If an unexpected bill arrives or you need to make a big purchase, you've got it covered without having to borrow money and pay interest.

Of course, saving is a great idea but it can be tricky to do when finances are tight and costs are increasing. We encourage saving even just the smallest amount - you'll be surprised at how quickly it builds up.

I'm not sure that I can afford to save
Everybody can save! We're confident that everybody in Fife has the potential to start saving, even foregoing one takeaway meal per month, or one cup of takeaway coffee a week could see you save several hundred pounds in a year. Once you start saving, you'll feel better and try to do better and look for other ways to save.

Other benefits of saving
Saving is a big benefit if you ever need to take out a loan - if you need to urgently replace your washing machine but haven't quite got enough saved, you can borrow money from us at a lower interest rate because you're a regular saver with us.

And - if that wasn't enough! - when you're repaying your loan, we automatically put aside some of that money you're paying towards your loan in a secure savings account until you've repaid the loan. When the loan is repaid, that secure or additional saving amount is moved over to your normal savings account for you to access whenever you need to. No other lender does that - only credit unions.

Is my money safe?
By saving with KCB, you are investing in your local community and keeping money within Fife, available to local people when they need it. But don't worry, local doesn't mean small and/or unsafe! All of your savings with KCB are fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the same system that protects some of your savings with the large banks.

Also, KCB has millions of pounds on deposit and many thousands of Members - we're a strong, established financial firm that fully complies with all relevant fincancial legislation and regulation, including internal and independent external audits and full reporting to Members each year.