Members' Meetings

As a member-led, member-owned co-operative, our Members decide how their community bank should be run.

We hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year to present audited accounts to our Members, to elect Directors to run the community bank on behalf of the membership, to provide a report on progress and forward plans, and to take questions and listen to our Members.

AGM postponement
This year, our AGM was scheduled to take place on Tuesday 31 March 2020 but we have had to postpone it in line with government guidance on isolation and protection of public health. We will make alternative arrangements and advise our Members accordingly.

AGM Information

At this year's AGM, Directors will propose to Members that we update our Rulebook. The Rulebook sets out the Rules by which the community bank is organised and run. It's an important document that we must have.

Please find below a copy of our current Rulebook, the proposed new rulebook and a summary document which explains the changes and reasons for change:

  • Current Rulebook (pdf file)
  • Proposed new rulebook (pdf file)
  • Brief document explaining proposed changes (pdf file)

Members are reminded that they contact us if they have issues or questions regarding the proposed changes to the Rules, or any other business of the AGM or their community bank.