Our Place in the Community

Kingdom Community Bank only operates in the Kingdom of Fife. Our Members need to live or work in Fife to be able to join. And, our Members are the owners. We don't have sharedholders and none of our profit leaves Fife - it goes to Members or back into the development of the credit union.

We're a community-owned financial co-operative which means we exist only to benefit our Members and we do this through financial inclusion - making sure everybody in the community is able to save and borrow from an ethical organisation that treats our Members like, well, the owners of the business!

As well as our core financial products, we promote better number skills, budgeting and financial literacy - including raising awareness of financial harms, fraud, loan sharks and online security.

We are a local employer and an accreditated Real Living Wage Employer - ensuring we treat our staff fairly, always pay above the minimum wage, won't use contractors or suppliers who pay the minimum wage and ensuring more money is kept within Fife.

Our payroll saving offer is available to Fife employers who wish to make a simple and free benefit to their staff, helping to encourage saving, budgeting and borrowing without going to high-cost lenders.

We work with public sector partners and voluntary sector partners across Fife on a wide range of initiatives - providing talks, attending events, raising awareness and contributing to Fife's commitment to Community Wealth Building.

We support local causes here in Fife. We donated £5,000 to support the resettlement of refugees in Fife and support a range of other fundraising activities - both as a staff team and as an organisation.