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This page is for Members to view their KCB account online on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Online access allows you to view the balances of your accounts with us, including any unsettled loans. You can also make changes to your personal details in a secure way, contact us and more.

In order to use our online access system you must have a valid mobile phone number and valid e-mail address which are already registered with us. It will take just a couple of minutes to have you accessing your account.

If your mobile phone number and e-mail address details have not been registered with us yet, we can do all of that at the same time, but a staff member will need to verify the details, so there will be a delay to register you. Once verified, you can login at any time after that, quickly and easily without delay.

You must complete all of these boxes carefully:

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Your PIN number must be at least 4 numbers and not more than 8 numbers in length. Do not use a PIN number which would be easy to guess.

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We may need to contact you to confirm certain details with you before we can process your registration. We are required to ensure certain things under regulations determined by UK law and the Financial Conduct Authority.